Marketing Consulting

We are experts in the development of strategies for profitable growth.
We believe that the basis for profitable growth has two basic pillars:
Strong innovations and profit-optimal pricing.
We enable our customers to increase market share and profits, instead of looking for potential savings.

Our strategic work is based on the following areas:


  • Development of products and services
  • Market Potential Analysis: Volume Forecasts
  • Optimization of the brand architecture
  • Brand positioning and repositioning
  • Line Extensions
  • Category creation


  • Profit-optimal pricing strategies for products and services
    • Determination of price margins in the competitive environment
    • national
    • global
  • Determination of optimal introductory prices and dynamic pricing strategies
  • Brand-price architectures, pricing for sub-brands
  • Additional price strategies
  • Promotion price strategies
  • Pack size-price-optimization
  • Feature-pricing (benefits based)

Marketing Efficiency

  • Market targeting: segmentation
  • PoS strategies: Shopper Insights, Consumer Decision Trees (CDT)
  • Customer Value Management: Customer satisfaction and loyalty, customer retention program
  • Communication of controlling (PR-efficiency)
  • Communication of benefits
  • HR efficiency: employee satisfaction and loyalty